How To Smuggle Superfoods Into Your Diet

Kale and quinoa are just two of the most common low-calorie superfoods that serve as great substitute ingredients for weight loss diets. They’re great ways to add more nutrition into your diet without compromising flavor, but these aren’t the only superfoods you should store in your kitchen. Here are 3 other not-so-common superfoods to help with weight loss and weight management:

1. Raw cacao nibs

We all know how hard it is to stay away from chocolate. However, it’s packed with cacao powder, butter and lots of sugar, and it loses all the nutritional benefits during the manufacturing process.

A great alternative to satisfy your chocolate craving is raw cacao nibs. These have no added sugar and the natural nutrients from the cacao are preserved at its best due to minimal processing. Raw cacao nibs have low calorie content. These are also a great source of protein and antioxidants thanks to their high levels of  flavonoid -- perfect for chocoholics looking to shed some weight!

 2. Lucuma

Eat it raw or use it as a sugar substitute, this Peruvian fruit is a natural sweetener! It’s low-calorie and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. Lucuma is also rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin A. It’s the perfect alternative for diabetics. Tip: Get Lucuma in powder form to add to your food, drinks, or smoothies!

3. Spirulina

Do a quick search on spirulina and you’ll find out it’s a natural algae. But don’t let this fact turn you away -- it’s actually known to be a great way of detoxifying heavy metals trapped in the body. Spirulina is actually a great addition to any diet since it works as a prebiotic: it helps maintain healthy gastrointestinal function by feeding the gut bacteria and eliminating any of the bad ones that could harm the body.

The diet supplement comes in two kinds: in a pill or in powder form, which makes it easy to add to any drink. Even though it’s suitable for anyone, it can especially help drinkers, frequent fish-eaters, or people suffering from eczema or allergies.

Katarina Ling Younibody By Katarina Ling, Younibody Therapist 

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