Transformation Story: Benjamin Amey - Week 2

Days on program: 14

Weight lost: 7.3kg

Progress: On Track / Exceeding expectations

Weight (kg) Body Fat % Muscle Mass (kg)

Baseline 116.3 40.2 39.4

Now (14-days in) 109.0 39.3 37.2


Congratulations Ben, you have hit the 2-week mark! After much dedication and hard-work, Ben has lost a whopping 7.3kg and more importantly reduced his body fat percentage. From body measurements, we also see Ben has cut-down in all of the measured areas: chest, waist, abdomen, hips, arm, and thigh circumference.

All behavioural changes are exciting in the beginning – it’s the start of the new you and your motivation couldn’t be higher. However, as these feelings begin to wear off, many will be hit with cravings and fall off the wagon.

To support Ben through these transitions, Younibody is conducting weekly nutritional consultations to review his food diary, talk about how he’s feeling and identify the obstacles that need to be overcome.

His dietary intervention includes a focus on lean protein sources, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and lots of veggies! His calories from carbohydrates will be restricted as his genetic profile, identified through our in-house 360° Lifestyle DNA Test, displays an increased sensitivity to carbohydrates.

Through the Resting Metabolic Rate test we have carefully calculated the exact calories needed to lose weight while keeping his body fuelled for everyday life and his exercise regime.

Detoxification is a vital first step for weight loss. When toxins like heavy metals accumulate in the body they wreak havoc on a range of systems including the thyroid gland, which can result in lowered metabolism and resistance to weight loss regimes. Because of this, Ben is kick-starting his weight loss with a comprehensive range of supplements that act as natural detoxifiers.


Ben is receiving weekly Bioresonance therapy to support the detoxification process, which will continue until Week 4. Once detoxification is completed his energy should be improved and his response to targeted weight loss products will be greatly enhanced.

With any weight loss plan careful monitoring and readiness to adapt the plan as you go is key. The monitoring systems have shown that Ben is also losing some muscle mass along with his fat loss.

After dietary consultations and examining his food records it seems Ben is making the very classic mistake of eating well but not enough. When you don’t give your body enough fuel and nutrients, your metabolism can plummet and your energy levels fall. These are counter-productive to a weight loss program so going forward we have emphasized the need to keep fuelling his body.

This will help stabilize his insulin levels, increase his metabolism and help him to build the lean muscle he needs while losing fat mass.

Let's do a side-by-side look from his photo from Week 1 and 2 to compare: 

Week 1 - Before our transformation programme started 

Week 2 - His waistline is significantly slimmer, feeling less bloated, improved skin tone & glow! 

Keeping going Ben! Remember we’re in it for the long haul!

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Rachel Erwin Younibody    By Rachel Erwin, Health Coach  


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