Transformation Story: Yvonne - Ezcema

Nowadays, eczema has becoming more common among adults in Hong Kong. Advertisements of eczema cream and body moisturiser can be easily seen around billboards and TV commercials. Since it is an autoimmune disease, It is really hard to pinpoint the exact cause of eczema.


Yvonne works in a media company and has been living with eczema for around 8 years. She have been to doctors and dermatologists. The only treatment option for her is antibiotics and steroid cream. Her situation went on and off and didn’t seems to get any better. She then went to a traditional chinese medicine practitioner. Tried for months and months and has only seen a slight progress. After struggling to see improvement on her skin, she came across Younibody and decided to give it one last go.

At the time of breakout, Yvonne would feel burning and itching sensation on her forehead which sometimes keeps her awake at night resulting in bad night sleep.

Our health coach decided to help Yvonne to find out the root cause of her skin issue by using laboratory test such as Food intolerance test and Heavy metal test to see if there is any food intolerance issue and heavy metal that affect her immune system. Yvonne also need to write a daily food diary to keep track of the potential food allergens.

As Yvonne is very sensitive to sunlight, Bioresonance therapy is used to help with her allergy. Bioresonance is non-invasive and painless which is perfect for Yvonne to calm down her immune system.

Stay tuned to know about Yvonne’s progress!


Tze Him Mak, Younibody Health Coach

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