#WeightLossChallenge: Transformation Story - Week 4 - Ben Amey

Days on program: 30

Weight lost: 8.9kg

Progress: Exceeding expectations



Far exceeding our initial goal of 2-4kg per month, Ben has doubled his weight loss losing almost 9kg! That’s the equivalent of about 20lbs! Of his 8.9kg lost, over 5kg is pure fat. While exercise is a key component of health and weight loss, most of this fat loss can be attributed to his dietary changes.

In just 1 month he has transformed his diet from wings and chicken nuggets to egg white omelettes and baked chicken breast. It was clear from the initial consultation that Ben wanted to dive into healthy eating at full speed. Because of this attitude we dramatically changed his diet overnight and now he has amazing results to keep him motivated. Additionally, Ben has even found that he is much more sensitive to sodium and often prefers his home-cooked concoctions. When we eat processed foods with artificial chemicals like MSG, it inflames our taste-buds. This is why it can enhance the flavour of food but it also damages the sensitivity of our delicate taste-buds. The good news is that eliminating these nasty additives allows them to recover and we can begin enjoying real food for the yummy taste it naturally has.

This dramatic weight loss will also be from detoxification. Although detoxification does not promote fat loss, it is the process of flushing out unwanted material that has accumulated. Occasional detox is beneficial even for those who are very healthy but if you have not always been kind to your body with what you are putting in it, then detox is a must! Think about your sink pipes, if you spend years throwing everything and anything down your sink, it will begin getting clogged and not work efficiently. This is the same for the intestines and after a detox many will be a few kg lighter just from eliminating all the gunk! For Ben’s detox we have incorporated cold-pressed plant extracts like thyme, black radish and prune, with supplements including milk thistle to support the liver.

After a few days of tiredness, which is expected in a detox regime, he has since reported increased energy, healthier skin and improved gut function.

Now that Ben’s detox program is completed we can begin with targeted weight-loss supplements to boost his metabolism, reduce cravings and enhance the breakdown of fat stores for energy.

 Week 1 vs. Week 3 Results: 

Improved skin, glowing complexion

After these incredible results I can’t wait to see how Ben will respond to the targeted fat loss program!

By Rachel Erwin, Younibody Health Coach 

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