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Your DNA can reveal a lot about your own personal health and wellness. Getting an overview of your DNA helps give more accurate recommendations to prevent early onset and to give appropriate action on reducing the risk of developing diseases.

A personal DNA Genetic Test helps reveal and understand how a your genes influence your daily life. The test gives insight into genetically determined physical characteristics and abilities. With this information, it is much easier to focus attention on any genetic susceptibility to certain diseases, thus making risk reduction, prevention of disease development and timely treatment possible.

Who should take the Genetic Profile Test ?

  • People with a family history of certain diseases
  • People who regularly take medications that are typically tested for
  • People who want to take proper preventive and early medications to avert development of diseases and undergo timely and successful treatment for any diseases found
  • People who want to adjust their diet according to their genes and their body’s ability to metabolize certain food
  • People who want to adjust their physical activities in accordance with their genetic makeup: targeting the specific areas that need more improvement than others
  • People who want insight into their advantages, risks, and hidden characteristics

Why should I take a Genetic Profile Test ?

  • To gather more information to determine the appropriate action and lifestyle changes that need to be made
  • To encourage more frequent visits to the doctor that could aid in early detection of diseases and timely treatment if any diseases are found
  • To predict how well the body can respond to suggested treatments with certain medications
  • To enable people to see their physical abilities and characteristics that are not easily visible
  • To learn more about the body’s ability to metabolize various kinds of fats and to gain knowledge on one’s unique muscular build-up

When should I take a Genetic Profile Test ?

If you have never taken a DNA test, it is best to take one immediately to get a better understanding of your body’s needs and genetic makeup.

How does it work?

  • Analyzing a saliva sample


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